I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts since I’ve been 13 years old. Activities have been avoided due to not be able to see clearly. Sleeping in contacts, forgetting my glasses. An don’t bother asking me to drive anywhere without my contacts or glasses! I’m a week into my lasik surgery and loving it!

– M. Dixon

After over 25 years of contacts and glasses, Dr. McGlothan has quite literally opened my eyes to seeing the world in a new light. Like many, my apprehension and fear kept me from pursuing LASIK sooner, especially when it comes to pointy things and lasers in my eyes. But Dr. McGlothan and his staff were very understanding and attentive and made the process as comfortable and smooth as possible. I was blown away with how quick and easy they made the whole process. If you’ve considered lasik, go see Dr. McGlothan and his team and you can thank me later.

– A. Williams

I was a very excited about getting LASIK but admittedly pretty nervous about the procedure, Dr. McGlothan was great about explaining the procedure, what to expect, and setting my mind at ease. The actual procedure was super quick and painless and my vision is better than ever! Having LASIK performed by Dr. McGlothan was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

– B. Wheeler

“I had my LASIK done by Dr. McGlothan and highly recommend him to anyone considering LASIK. He is very experienced and knows what he’s doing. The procedure was quick and painless and the recovery was even easier! No negative comments about him at all… the man knows his stuff! Excellent bedside manner and takes the time to answer any questions you may have. My only complaint is not seeing him to have this done sooner!! I went from blind without my glasses to better than perfect vision immediately. 10/10 in my book!”

– S. Grossmann

“Going with Dr. McGlothan for LASIK eye surgery was the best decision I could have made. My vision is perfect and the operation was quick and painless.”

– J. Kiger

“I saw Dr. McGlothan for my LASIK procedure and had a really great experience. This has been something I wanted to do for about 3 years and finally decided to go through with it. Before the procedure, Dr. McGlothan came and talked to me and asked if I had any questions and explained the process. During the procedure, he told me step by step what he was doing and checked in to make sure I was doing ok. The procedure itself did not take long at all. The day after I went for my follow up and the eye dr tested my vision and I had 20/20 vision. Very happy with my LASIK results!”

– M. Swaim

“Dr. McGlothan possessed the perfect blend of warmth, professionalism and expertise. He spoke directions clearly and concisely, informing me what to do and what I should expect each step of the way. His concise directions and information resulted in minimizing my anxiety. The procedure is incredible! I was mind boggled! I slept on the car ride home and literally felt like myself (with better eyesight) the moment I arrived home. I was amazed at being able to see landscape as I drive the next day. It was so fun to see my pastors eyes as he spoke the message on Sunday! And watching tv from the couch is a treat! I can see! I have found that I need to use readers a bit more often but I am perfectly comfortable doing so. This experience, the team and the results are nothing short of a gift! Thank you!”

–  Ann M.

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