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It all starts right here in Chicago with an eye exam. When it comes to choosing an eye care practice, it’s about more than what you see. It’s about who you see, what they know, and how they make you feel. Every patient is unique here and during our initial LASIK or cataract screenings, we will perform a very thorough evaluation of your eyes to make sure you are truly a candidate for eye surgery.

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We understand that vision correction can be confusing and intimidating and that’s why we take the extra time to explain your options, answer all of your questions and listen to your concerns.

Why Chicago LASIK Center is a preferred Vision Center in Chicago:

Over 70,000 eye surgeries performed and over 20 years of vision care experience.

When it comes to LASIK few eye surgeons have the experience of Dr. McGlothan. A board-certified physician, Dr. McGlothan is a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the Indiana State Medical Association.

Personalized Experience

At Chicago LASIK Center, we want every patient to receive top-of-the-line, personalized vision care. Dr. McGlothan takes the time to meet with each patient, ensuring that their vision care experience is specific to their individual needs.

State of The Art Technology

We utilize only the best LASIK technology. Come into our office and see for yourself.

Types of Refractive Surgery

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Understanding The Cost of


We understand that LASIK cost can be a barrier to having LASIK eye surgery. At our Chicago LASIK Center, we aim to remove as many barriers as possible to make vision correction affordable. We have developed an extensive LASIK financing program with CareCredit® to provide our patients with the most affordable solutions. We also accept major credit cards, debit cards and personal checks as payment methods for your LASIK eye surgery.

At our Chicago LASIK center, we aim to make understanding LASIK pricing easy by simply including everything in one price. You may not see the cheapest LASIK price in Chicago here, but you will not be tricked by false claims.  When shopping for price, make sure you are getting the whole cost and not just a "bait and switch." Does the quoted price include everything: the exams before, the care after, all the tests, and all fees? Our prices are all-inclusive; one price covers your workup, surgery, and after-care.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Jonathan S. McGlothan is a skilled, talented eye specialist dedicated to achieving outstanding results for his patients. Dr. McGlothan’s formal education and training are exemplary. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in molecular and developmental biology from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, he earned his medical degree from the University Of Washington School Of Medicine in 1990. Dr. McGlothan then completed a residency in internal medicine at the reputable George Washington University Medical School and an ophthalmology residency at Howard University; both schools are based in Washington, D.C.

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Dr. Jonathan S. McGlothan

Laser Eye Surgery

Why is LASIK an excellent choice for vision correction?

*Over 1 million LASIK procedures have been performed since inception in 1996.

before lasik
after lasik

Specialized Eye Tracking

At Chicago LASIK Center we offer eye tracking for all of our LASIK patients. The new eye tracker presents many benefits to our patients and makes LASIK safer than ever before. Eye tracking allows lasers used during LASIK surgery to compensate for eye movements during the procedure, thus adding an important level of assurance. However, no eye tracker has been able to adjust for subtle rotations of the eye that occur during the laser treatment.

● This new eyetracker locks on to the eye's unique iris pattern just before the laser treatment begins, and then monitors the pattern throughout the procedure. When rotation of the iris is detected during the treatment the direction of the laser pulses is nearly instantaneously adjusted accordingly. No other laser in the US does this.

● This ensures that each laser pulse of the LASIK treatment is delivered to its intended location on the cornea.

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